Crash Records
Record label

Crash records is a small independent record label that specialises in working closely with a small number of talented artists. Our principle aim is to promote this new talent through live shows merchandising and CD’s and thereby gaining the band more attention.We give artists a chance to reach a wider audience with their music through national distribution of their work, as well as running a successful mail order business from the website.

We have a wide taste in music, and you will find punk rock, new age, blues and rock next to funk.We are keen to support new and emerging artists in all genres, but do specialise in young up and coming bands with loads of energy and that are prepared to work very hard touring and building up a large fan base.

We are particularly interested to hear from self financed products and artists who like to have control over their music – we can give your projects wider distribution.

If you are an aspiring musician, band or artists and you are reading this then you probably have some questions about submitting demos. All music is listened to. Visit our contact page for our address. The music should be on CD ideally, although we will listen to cassettes and mini discs. Please make sure that the CD is clearly marked with your contact details.

1. Contact details

2. Name of band/artist

3. Short biography (band details etc)

4. Gig list

Each demo is listened to by several of our A&R people, and we will contact you if we like what we hear.Unfortunately it is not possible to get in touch with every single artist that send in a demo CD but we do try and contact most.

Crash Management
Management Services

Crash Management represents the band Hedroom and female singer Jo.

We aim to help our artists to further their career - from getting gigs, to organising the rider on a tour,
to gaining record label interest, interviews on radio and tv, liaising with media, press, to helping put
them in touch with the right people in the music business. We can help give advise and representation on all aspects of your musical career.

If you are looking for management then please contact us. Send in your demo CD, a short biog, picture, and tell us what you are hoping to achieve with your music career.

Crash Publishing
Songwriting Exchange

We decided to also set up a publishing arm to the record label as we were keen to help songwriters reach their music to a wider audience.

If you are an artists, Manager, Producer or A&R in search of songs then please contact us, we may just have the one for you.
Our songwriters can also write specifically for you, just contact us with your requirements and style of
song required. If you are a songwriter and would like to submit songs, then please go to the contact section of the site, all material to be submitted on CD no mp3’s or downloads please.

If you are a songwriter wanting to have your songs recorded/produced please contact us for more details.

Workshop Studios
Recording Studio

Workshop Studios is based around the professional Pro Tools LE system as well as having capability to record in Cubase. There is a live area to the studio as well as a seperate control room.
The control room has been acoustically designed with auralex acoustic foam, giving the room a dead sound, to make it an ideal mixing and mastering environment. There is a connecting window between the control room and the live room so that the artists can easily communicate with the sound engineer. At the heart of the studio is the Studiomaster mixer giving the engineer the flexibility to control the sound through the computer.

Starline Promotions
Rock Nights

Starline Promotions regularly promotes rock nights in the Bucks and Oxfordshire areas.
We specialise in rock nights for young people, but have also organised showcase nights, under 18 nights, battle of the bands, and charity rock nights. Bands that have played at the rock nights include, Lament, Hidden Ajenda, Hedroom, Marconis Vodoo, Shouting Myke, Days of Grace, Potential Demise, Thursdays of Vega, Red Dawn, Warhen, Junction4, and many more. We organise these events at Thame Sports & Arts Centre, Thame Youth Centre, Thame Football Club, The Barns Centre, and Chinnor Village Hall. We provide the bands with a descent Public Address System (size depending upon the venue and a lighting rig) We can also arrange for the gig to be recorded, photographed or for a video to be taken of your performance. Please let us know in advance if you require any of these. We have access to a wide range of bands on our books, so please contact us if you are looking for a band to perform at one of your events. If you are a band and would like to perform at one of our rock nights, either come and bring a demo on the night, or visit our contact page for our address to send them to.

Crash Records also organises the very successful Profile event twice a year at the Civic Centre in Aylesbury – capacity 1,000. For your band to be considered you need to be able to bring at least 30 people and send your demo marked PROFILE to Crash Records – see contact details of the site.

Sub Links
Visit our media page to hear some of our artists.
Or, visit our contact page to get in touch with us, or send us a demo! All Music is listened to.